We are transplants from the Pacific Northwest, and when we learned how many dogs lose their lives in shelters each month in the south we were heartbroken. We felt we needed to do something, so we started Swamp Haven Rescue.

Our mission is to save innocent, death row dogs, plain and simple. You know the ones: the sad, hopeless, “throw away” dogs who are overlooked by society…Like the black pit bull abandoned on the side of the highway with her puppies, or the bloated coonhound suffering from late stage heartworm disease, or the terrified senior who lived his whole life at the end of a chain before he was saved.

Not only do we take these dogs in and pay for all their vetting (vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip, heartworm/flea prevention) to get their health back in balance: We meet with our dog trainer for basic training. We take them to doggy daycare so they learn how to play in a pack. We teach them how to walk politely on a leash. We work on crate and potty training. We teach them how to live in a home. Most importantly, we teach them how to love and how to receive the love they deserve!

We are a 501c3 non profit and we survive entirely on donations. When you support Swamp Haven you’re contributing to another life being saved from euthanasia, another injury treated, another warm bed for the neglected, another training session for the frightened, another dose of life-saving preventative medication, and most of all, you’re sharing YOUR love even if you’re not able to take a pet into your own home. We cannot continue to save these dogs without the support of people like you: People who are willing to fight for all of the forgotten souls patiently sitting in cages waiting for someone to notice them…waiting for someone to recognize they’re worth saving.